Arthuria Elane Pendragon
Fate Stay Night Saber by Bekalou
Aliases/Other Names: Blue Rose of Camelot
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5 ft., 4 in.
Weight: 115 lbs.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Hometown/Country: Camelot, Great Britain

Isle of Avelon (sometimes)

Date of Birth: February 12, 945
Profession(s): Crown royal heir

Questing Knight (in training)

Royal Title/Rank: Crown Royal Princess of Britannia
Current Age: 15
Current Status: Alive
Arthurian Dynasty
Mother: Queen Guinevere
Father: Arthur Pendragon
Sister(s): None
Brother(s): Prince Arthur II
Paternal Grandfather: Uther Pendragon
Aunt(s): Ann-Morgane


Holy and Magical Weapons of Pendragon
Swords/Bladed weapons: Excalibur
Kinetic Projectile Weapons (Guns): 2 self repeating Gatling Pistols
Basic Magical Weapons/Abilities: Basic forms of Celestial, water, wind and fire based magic.
Holy Shields
Basic Defense Systems: Celestium plated Pendragon Shield

Lightweight cloth Royal Armor

Holy Kingdom of Camelot
Era(s): c. 1280s
Allies: Knights of the Round Table

Bedivere Nart

Blue Rose by robertsloan2 Arthuria's Personal Royal Crest Bandera Rey Arturo by Garguile Arthuria shares the same heraldic banner as her Father

Arthuria Pendragon who is also known as the Blue Rose of Camelot is the daughter of Arthur Pendragon and Queen Guinevere and the current leader for the quest for the Grail with the remaining Knights of the Round Table and their children and heirs.

Biography Edit

Arthuria Elaine Pendragon was born in The Year of our Lord 945